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In the environment sector, EPSILON offers the entire spectrum of services and technologies; they range from environmental chemistry and earth sensing to detailed environmental engineering technologies and CAD construction plans, up to sophisticated telemetric public health monitoring systems and operations. EPSILON is a leader in mathematical modelling as combined with GIS technologies (see GIS), statistics, databases, and implementation of European Union Directives.

General sectors of expertise are Nature including natural resources management of all media, ecology and ecosystems and biosystems; Engineering including industrial environmental engineering and treatment technologies; GeoInformation including earth and biosystems monitoring, databases and mathematical modelling; Policy including environmental economics, impact assessments, public health, risk and laws; andResearch in the above sectors, including telematics of the environment.

Services are supported by:

  • Business Management Consulting-offered by Epsilon Consulting Ltd., Cyprus
  • GIS, s/w & other products distribution-under the support of the Pouliadis Group SA
  • GIS/GPS/GSM/GPRS and other IST and field mapping technologies
  • Hardware-Software-Middleware Integration-under the support of PC-Systems SA
  • Research & development results.
  • Statistics & GIS database products for Greece & Cyprus.

EPSILON focuses on strategies to strengthen governance, community participation, sustainable economic activities and environmental conservation. By using tools such as spatial development planning and introducing measures to reduce resource degradation, our experts help protect coastal zones (e.g. mangrove areas) that act as barriers against natural disasters and the effects of climate change. In addition to this EPSILON works to protect water-sheds and mitigate the risk of natural disasters such as floods and landslides. We address cross-sectoral and institutional issues on a global and national level to ensure soil and water conservation. This approach is location-specific and may include erosion control, reducing industrial, urban and agricultural effluents as well as developing multicropping and agroforestry systems.

EPSILON economists estimate the value of ecosystem services under alternative management or policy regimes. This information can be used in cost-benefit or other analyses and assessments to evaluate which policies best balance the value of environmental improvement against the costs of achieving that improvement. In addition, EPSILON economists examine the economic impacts of environmental management decisions. The impacts include effects on population, employment, and income in the affected region or business. Some of the specialized services Epsilon offers in the field of Environmental Economics - include the following:

EPSILON keeps track of changes in environmental legislation and offer concrete advice on how to best keep within those limits of the law with regard to environmental activities and industrial activities that affect those. Knowing the law plays a fundamental role when developing and implementing management systems such as ISO 9000/14001 and other environmental management systems. We believe that such expertise is at the forefront of managing for excellence and continual improvements.

EPSILON expertise with regard to environmental law governs: (1) In depth knowledge of the EU environmental legislation and EC Directives in the environmental acquis in more than 30 environment legislative sectors, (2) Drafting legislation in the environment sector, (3), Environmental auditing, (4) advanced handling of EIAs and EISs, (4), Development of compliance plans, (5) Environmental law implementations at national, state, regional, and local levels with an advantage of the overall experience, (6) Support in the EISs in reference to the legislative strengths and technology components at a conflicting level and the related multiobjective handling, (7), Advisory services to the Greek Government.

Epsilon conducts EIAs/EISs/SEAs for private and government development projects. Specialized staff develops highly detailed environmental impact registers and form measures that are specifically suited to the impacts and tailored to the organizations in question. Staff working on such assessments, are formed by a team of environmentalists, lawyers and economists so that a sustainable approach to tackling impacts is considered. Environmental Impact Assessments can be used in various situations, for example in the construction of new buildings, in the development of roads, in the installation of industrial facilities etc. If a development is covered by the EIA Regulations, the developer must prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Every EIS requires site specific consideration. EPSILON gives an emphasis on stakeholder participation when deciding the priority allocated to each impact.